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Scorpio 868 Black Gaming Case


Features: Side window with colored fan, front USB and sound plug in, front door lights for power and hard drive.2 color to choose from: red and silver.

ANTEC SLK3700 BQE High Performance

$142.00 More infor

Features: ultimate solution for quite computing, performance and flexibility to expand. Comes with original 350W ANTEC Power Supply.



Features: 220W, power indicator CPU temperature indicator, and Overheat alarm system.2 color to choose from: black and ivory.

Mid Tower Cases

Starts from as low as $39.99!!!

Features: many kinds of mid tower cases, all come with 350W Power Supply, with front USB ports.

Sunbeam Cases Lights

Sunbeam Cold Cathoes Kit Pack


More information

Features: High Brightness, Low heat, long life time, muticolor selection, easy installation in anywhere you want.

Sunbeam CCFL Fan Kit Pack


More information

Features: Dual inverter for two lamps, high brightness, high reliability, long lifetime, low power consumptio

Sunbeam EL Round ATA Cable 18"


More information

Features: Lighting area is almost twice than others, multiple color

Sunbeam EL Wire Kit Pack


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Features: Sound activated, multiple color to chose from, can be cut in any length and the cuttings can be re-used.

Sunbeam LED Fan Grills Kit Pack


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Features: Low heat output, high brightness LEDs, clean and high quality acrylic, additional female molex power connector, super high brightness LEDs.

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